Orphans' Hope Foundation



Who are we?



Directors / Founders:


Chad and Deb Mills     chad@ohfound.org



We have 5 children:  21 yr old Jamie Yaroslava, adopted from Borzna, Ukraine in March 2006, 15 yr old bio., Jason;  14 yr old Lucas, adopted from Ukraine in Nov., 2001 and 8 yr old bio twins Jackson and Alex.



Manager of Operations:


Betsy Mills                     betsy@ohfound.org




Advisory Board:




Bonnie Bokman                    bonnie@ohfound.org



Carol Yam                              carol@ohfound.org



Meridyth Inman                      merinman@ohfound.org



Yana Walder                          yana@ohfound.org



Darby Kelso                           darby@ohfound.org


Lisa Sicilian                           lisa@ohfound.org


Cynthia Panzarella                cynthia@ohfound.org


Lucy Yavorska                       lucy_yav@yahoo.com 


Tony Overbay                         tony@ohfound.org 

Dorinda Hulet                        dorinda@ohfound.org  

































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