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Chernihiv Region

Borzna orphanage



The students and teachers of Borzna orphanage send sincere appreciation to Orphans’ Hope Foundation and to the US families who support the school and take care for the kids.


Thank you very much for staying with us through the hard times! Your readiness to help and your responds to all kids’ needs are truly valuable!


With OHF help we were able to fix the computers classroom and set access to the I-net line. The new optical mice are of very good use for the kids. Thank you!

OHF has provided the school with office paper and a new fax machine. The gym has received new volleyballs, we bought a new piano for the concert hall, some kids received treatment at the dentist’, and also the school has bought medicines for the lice treatment. Thank you very much for covering the expenses of Ania D’s operation, the child is healthy now. Thank you very much for Katia K’s eye treatment. OHF has covered the expenses for organizing the documents of 9 kids to go to France on hosting trip. The school has received money for the shoes for the neediest kids. Thanks to OHF 50 kids have received 12 weeks of English lessons!  Thank you very much for offering your support in the library project, and crafts project! 

Thanks to OHF we are able to repair three classrooms in the orphanage. Absolutely huge “thank you” goes to the families who were able to come to visit our kids.  Thanks to OHF more than 30 kids are able to go to fine places for recreation.


Your heartfelt support means a world to us! We wish health and happiness to your families! I hope that you will be staying with us, and won’t forget about a small orphanage in Borzna! Thank you for everything! You are the guardian angels of our kids!



Nadiya Maystat

Thanks to our generous donors and supporters, we have been able to
accomplish the following:


Host 6 Ukrainian children in the U.S. (Dec-Jan)

Send 31 children from Borzna orphanage to summer camp in Ukraine  (June and July)

Purchase for orphanage office:  Fax machine, Printer, Printer paper


Purchase English text books
Provide 12 weeks of English lessons for 31 children (March, April, May)
Computer classroom repairs
Internet line for computer classroom
Purchase piano
Purchase woodworking tools for woodworking shop
Begin purchasing books for library

Orphanage improvements:

Purchase Carpet, curtains, wallpaper
Purchase volleyballs

Medical/health related:

Provide for Dentist visits for children identified by orphanage director
Purchase Lice treatments


Purchase and send 20 pairs of summer shoes to Borzna orphanage
Purchase shoes in Ukraine for children at Borzna
Ship over 350 pounds of donated clothing to Borzna orphanage


Orphans' Hope Foundation

2005 Accomplishments




Orphans’ Hope Foundation was established in August 2005.  Our ambitious goal was to raise $8000.00 by the end of the year.  We are delighted to announce that OHF successfully raised over $11,000.00 in the remaining four months of 2005!




As we have no overhead costs, every dollar raised goes directly to assisting orphaned and impoverished children in Ukraine.  So far, this money as been applied to the following projects:




$ 4800.00        Paid towards winter hosting program for 6 children from Borzna orphanage (please see our Dec. ’05 hosting trip page)




$ 1000.00        Paid for two children to travel from Borzna to Kyiv for Big Family reverse hosting trip.




$  800.00        Flu Vaccines and measles medical treatment




$ 1000.00        Borzna Christmas party food, Santa Clause costume, and Christmas candles and table cloths




$   700.00        Towards purchase of a high-end 35mm Digital SLR camera for Big Family charity




$   200.00        Purchased school supplies for Borzna




$   200.00        Donated to a book/library project led by Life2Orphans




$   725.00        Purchased 16 complete soccer uniforms for Borzna soccer team including cleats, shin guards, socks, shorts and “Borzna” logo jerseys




$   800.00        Purchased 2 complete sectional sofas, chairs, carpets and tables for student lounges in Borzna dormitory




$   200.00        Purchased copier/printer/scanner for the orphanage director’s office and Dictaphone for use of teachers in Borzna




$   400.00        Purchased large TV and DVD player for younger kids’ lounge in Borzna dormitory


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