Ever since my wife Deb and I returned from adopting our son Lucas from Mariupol, Ukraine, in November 2001, we have been involved in helping the children we so tearfully left behind. Upon returning from a trip to an orphanage in Borzna, Ukraine , I realized that it was time to do something more.  It was simply not enough for me to be “out on the beach, tossing starfish back into the ocean” by myself.  (See “Starfish Story” link at left.)   For that reason, we took the next step and launched Orphans’ Hope Foundation to enlist the help of other generous, caring individuals, organizations and corporations to improve the lives of these children, open their eyes to life beyond their orphanage, and give them hope for a better future.





Our Mission : 


  • To raise awareness about the plight of abandoned children and better their lives through improved living conditions, better healthcare, nutrition, education, and by letting them know that someone truly cares about them.


  • To raise funds and collect humanitarian aid to support orphans.


  • To give these children the one thing human beings survive on when all seems lost…Hope.


    Orphans’ Hope Foundation is a charitable project of the National Heritage Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3), 509(a)(1) non-profit foundation.  Therefore all donations of money and material goods are tax deductible to the extent that law allows.

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